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Club Merchandise by Winged Stitches

Fly-A-Ways club polos and jackets with embroidered club logo from Winged Stitches now available.

PDF info sheets as well as a link to interactively view the color options for each item are listed below.  The jacket is available in one style.  The polo comes in Men's sizes without or with a pocket, Women's sizes, and Youth sizes. Ordering info is in each PDF.  Color choices vary with the style. You order directly from Chris at Winged Stitches. Prices on the info sheets do not include shipping.  You can expect an approx $10 shipping charge (varies with size of order and shipping method).

Chris can also perform custom work for you or embroider our club artwork on a different piece of clothing.  Contact him if you are interested in something "different".  Custom work will likely require additional fees/costs for digitizing your artwork. Those costs will be your responsibility.

Club Jacket (PDF, color options)

Men's Polo, No Pockets (PDF, color options)

Men's Polo, Pockets (PDF, color options)

Ladies' Polo (PDF, color options)

Youth Polo (PDF, color options)

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